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Travel Nursing

In the medical field there are tons of different careers that are related to nursing. These include registered nurses, certified nurse assistants, public health nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, home health nurses and many more. Pretty much all of these positions are well known and understood but there is one field of nursing that isn’t as popular and many people don’t know much about it at all. It’s called travel nursing.

A travel nurse is a registered nurse, nurse practitioner or any other certified nurse with at least 18 months experience that travels from hospital to hospital around the United States working on an assignment to assignment basis. They are a temporary, short term nurse for hospitals in need of staff. Travel nurses are able to choose where they wish to work out of all 50 states. Travel nurses do not have to sign a contract because they work assignments which can be as short as 4 weeks or as long as 15 weeks each. Most assignments send travel nurses to hospitals that are understaffed or in need of extra help. Travel nurse positions are always in high demand.

Travel nurses are paid well. Most make around $30 to $40 an hour. And usually assignments add up to close to $90,000 a year for a travel nurse. For any location that a travel nurses chooses to work in, housing is provided for free. They are also provided with generous benefits and even bonuses. Benefits include great, affordable life insurance as well as dental and vision insurance, discounted services such as cell phones and roadside assistance and even reimbursement for all traveling costs.

Most hospitals are in need of registered nurses that specialize in specific areas such as operating room, emergency room, intensive care, post-anesthesia, labor, delivery and postpartum care as well. There are shortages of nurses capable of working these types of positions all over the nation. Travel nurses help to fill these needs in such hospitals. If you’ve ever wanted to be able to travel a good bit and be working a great job with great pay, travel nursing just may be the best position you can secure.

To become a travel nurse you need to talk to a recruitment agency to get setup with hospitals that are looking for traveling nurses. There are hundreds of recruitment agencies to choose from so selecting the right one for yourself is a matter of researching the pay and benefits of each one. Be sure to check the details of what each provides as far as housing, benefits and other perks. Some agencies offer high end housing and great insurance while others may not offer them at all. Do as much research on each agency as possible to make sure that you will be happy with your selection.

Travel nurses are in high demand, are paid very well and are provided with significant benefits. These positions are always available and provide a great help to hospitals in need of extra staff. Most travel nurses will have various forms of certification and credentials in order to stay current with common healthcare practice. For additional information on ACLS or PALS training, check out Advanced Cardiac Life Support, a helpful resource for nurses, doctors and other health professionals.