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Top 5 Countries In Demand For Travel Nurses

Posted by travel | December 20, 2012 | Nursing Careers

What is travel nursing, and how did it become such an in-demand field in the broad spectrum of health care?
Travel nursing came about because of shortages in nursing staffing (as well as some other highly skilled positions) in the U.S. and other countries. Sometimes this was due to burnout, economic issues, or not enough individuals trained in certain required specialties. Often it is because the cost of medical school or nursing training can be expensive and prohibitive.

Those who choose to venture down the travel nurse path, often want to travel, see new places, do exciting things, avoid burnout, and make a real difference doing the things they love. It can often be a way for the health care practitioner to explore their career and enjoy some flexibility before making their permanent career commitment. It also means the potential for higher pay, personal growth, career advancement, as well as personal adventure, and avoiding hitting that emotional brick wall that many in the health care profession experience.

Years ago, doctors, surgeons and nurses all learned their profession in hospitals or clinics. These days, thanks to the Internet, many of the educational requirements for most health care fields can be met through online courses, including those required for travel nurses. Many degrees are available today online, from a Bachelor of Science in various related skillsets to a Masters of Science in Nursing.

There are some obvious and not so obvious steps to take for those interested in exploring being a travel nurse.

  • Registered nurse accreditation
  • RN Training
  • Nursing Board exams
  • Minimum 18 months experience as a hospital RN. More is better.
  • Get ready to be flexible and travel-friendly
  • Research agencies that specialize in travel nursing specialties for the U.S. and other countries
  • Apply to staffing agencies that fit in with needs and expectations
  • Get to know the assigned recruiter and learn how to work well with them
  • Choose preferred position and apply to the facility
  • Learn to pack for various assignment destinations, climates and travel limitations

Demand is on the rise across the U.S. and the world.

Whether wanting to see more places in the U.S. or travel to previously-unknown destinations, there are agencies that can help find that next port of call. They help fit the nurse’s expertise, experience and preferences. These agencies can often help in getting through the registration process with ease.

Most agencies (and hospitals or clinics) will require at minimum, the following:

  • Nursing degree ( Masters of Science in nursing is emphasized )
  • Flexible schedule
  • 18 months work experience
  • Excellent Nursing Board scores
  • Interview and application preparation
  • Nursing board examination fees
  • Work visa and passport
  • State employment paperwork

There are five spots that routinely and regularly appear in the Top 5 countries in demand for travel nurses – Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Ireland and the Caribbean Islands..

These are some of the top rated destinations from early 2012, for pay, benefits, and experiences. Becoming a travel nurse has many plusses, chief among them, the incredible experience, the great opportunities for advancement, the feeling of accomplishment and the travel.