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Travel Nursing FAQs

How much money can I make as a Travel Nurse?
Your pay is dependent on your specialty, geographic location you desire to work in. Typically nurses make anywhere from 30 to up to $60 dollars an hour.

Where do they have travel nurse assignments available?
Most agencies have assignments available all over the U.S. They typically offer hospitals closest to the area you are interested in going to. Many agencies have all types of nursing positions available.

What’s needed to be eligible to do travel nursing?
First, you must hold the proper certifications and licenses. Many travel nurse agencies require that you have worked at least 1 year within in a care facility.

Why go through a company to get an assignment?
Many agencies will pre-qualify you for assignments and market you and your skills in a professional manner. You can be presented to an unlimited number of hospitals within the geographical area that you are interested in. Hospitals are also more inclined to hire travel nurses that have been pre-screened and qualified by an agency, than an individual nurses applying for a temporary position.

Does it cost anything?
There is usually no charge to register with a company.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Most do give you an agreement for the hospital that you will be working with. This breaks down the options, and benefits that you discussed with your recruiter, along with specifics relating to your assignment.

Can I bring a family member or pet?
Some agencies allow you to bring family, however you may need to pay any additional housing that may incur. It’s recommend not bringing pets along with you on your assignment, as it is difficult to find housing which allows pets.

Are there guaranteed hours?
It is very rare for a facility to not schedule a travel nurse for hours that is agreed to. If the facility is not scheduling the hours that you agreed to in your contract you need to contact your recruiter. In addition, you need to make sure your supervisor signs off on all hours that go unscheduled.

Do they offer malpractice insurance?
Many travel nurses choose to carry their own insurance, which is a great idea. You are additionally covered under our umbrella policy. The exception is NY State, where you may be required to carry your own policy in addition to the company coverage.

Where do I live while on assignment?
Many agencies provide private housing. They will typically try to house you close to the facility where you will be working. You may also choose to provide your own housing and take a housing stipend.

Do they offer bonuses?
Many agencies offer bonuses, as well as referral bonuses.

What if I refer a friend?
Many agencies, If you refer a nurse friend who is not already on their database, and he/she completes an assignment, you will receive a referral bonus.