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A Career As A Travel Nurse

Posted by travel | June 5, 2011 | Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing is a career option that most registered nurses, dialysis nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse manages, radiologic technologists and even physical therapists can take on. If you’ve had at least a year to a year and a half experience in any of these fields you are eligible to secure a position as a travel nurse.

Travel nurses can usually expect to earn between $30 and $40 per hour. This pay rate does not include bonuses, the cost of free housing that is provided, 401(k) retirement plans, referral bonuses or the discounts that most programs offer for things such as luggage, cell phones and roadside assistance.

As a travel nurse you will receive a sign on bonus that can be as much as $6,000. If you refer other qualified individuals to join the travel nurse program that you are in you can also earn up to $500 per referral that completes their first assignment. These bonuses really add up and make for a great income. Coupled with the $30 to $40 an hour you will be earning while working assignments you can really pull in a substantial income.

If you are interested in being a travel nurse you can choose the location you want to work in as well. There are jobs available in all 50 states so you can choose to travel somewhere you’d love to visit or pick up a local job and stay close to home. Becoming a travel nurse also comes with insurance benefits as well. This includes affordable medical and dental insurance as well as free basic life insurance. Most travel nurse programs offer these benefits.

You will also be provided free housing. These are usually fully furnished, quality homes and include appliances as well. This is provided entirely free of charge. Any expenses you may have traveling to and from your assignment location will be reimbursed, too. So you really won’t have many expenses to have to worry about at all while you’re working an assignment as a travel nurse.

To do go about choosing a travel nursing program to join you should get as much information on each program as possible. Find out about their benefits, the pay they offer, what sort of housing you receive, if there are retirement plans, what sort of insurance they provide, if there are any loyalty programs and any other information you want to know. This is an important part of becoming a travel nurse so be sure to choose the program you want to join wisely.

There are no lengthy contracts that you have to sign when becoming a travel nurse, either. You work assignment to assignment and have no obligation to stay with a particular program after your assignment if you are not happy with it. It’s usually pretty easy to change programs if you are not satisfied with the one joined.

All in all, being a travel nurse can be an exciting career. You get paid well, are provided with many free accommodations, the benefits are great and you get to travel wherever you please to work.