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The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

Posted by travel | October 10, 2012 | Travel Nursing Jobs

The shortage of nurses worldwide has caused travel nursing to become a lucrative business. If you are a registered nurse looking for a little variety in your career or to make more money, here is what you need to know about travel nursing and how it can help you accomplish your career objectives or financial goals.

Have Family Can Travel - Nurses who have spouses and/or kids may feel that they can’t be travel nurses, particularly if they have very young children. However, travel nursing isn’t just for the single and childless. A travel nursing career can benefit a family greatly with the primary advantage being the ability to see different parts of the world for free. Most recruiting companies will furnish nurses with appropriate housing so they don’t have to worry about finding short-term living spaces on their own.

If traveling with your family is not something you want to do, you can still become a travel nurse. Many recruiting companies allow nurses to accept assignments close to home. In addition to staying close to the family and working in areas that are familiar to you, you’ll make about ten to fifteen percent more than you would if you worked in a regular nursing position.

Pick Your Assignment  - One advantage that many nurses like is the ability to pick and choose where they will work. For example, if you worked in a large metropolitan hospital, you can take assignments at small clinics in rural areas and vice versa. It is an excellent way to try out different working atmospheres, particularly for those looking to make a change in their careers. ( plus you get to travfel to some amazing places)

It is also a great way to try out different nursing specialties without getting stuck in a long-term commitment. If things don’t work out, you can just move onto the next assignment. Typically, the travel nursing company you sign up with will place you with a recruiter. This person will talk to you about your needs and preferences and then work hard to place you in assignments that match them. This is a great opportunity to design the career you want.

Build Your Skills – Travel nursing is the perfect industry for learning new skills and building on existing ones. You will work in a variety of job settings and specialties that will provide you with tons of work experience and knowledge. This, in turn, will open the doors to numerous opportunities. It is well worth the time and effort to research this career path.