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The Best Travel Nursing Jobs

Posted by travel | September 26, 2012 | Travel Nursing Jobs

Helping patients get well and working with great people are only a few reasons many travel nurses love their jobs. The reason that tops them all, however, is the ability to visit many different places. For those with wanderlust or who just love visiting different places, travel nursing offers great opportunities to do a bit of glob-trotting. Based on feedback from nurses, weather, cost of living, and available local activities, here is a list of the ten most popular travel nursing destinations to consider for the next assignment.

Hawaii Of course Hawaii would be at the top of the list. Besides the beautiful tropical weather, the Aloha state offers a wide range of activities that will keep a travel nurse very busy between shifts. Well known for its sandy beaches, Hawaii also has hiking trails through the mountains where visitors may encounter snow or lava. There are also numerous secret beaches that provide the right amount of seclusion for brief romantic getaways, trails for mountain biking, river rafting, and extravagant golf courses. A nurse can’t go wrong getting an assignment in Hawaii.

Alaska Although Alaska has been part of the United States since 1867, most people in the mainland don’t know much about this state. It is the largest state in the union area-wise and basically a vast wilderness that offers nurses plenty of beautiful scenery to look at, wildlife to interact with, and lots of outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, skiing, and hiking. Be aware, though, the sun hits the Earth at a different angle up there which means six months of long days followed by six months of very long nights. The outside temperature can get below freezing at times, so pack lots of long-johns.

Maine Maine’s beauty and mysteriousness has inspired artists and writers for centuries including Georgia O’Keefe and Stephen King. Often described as charming and quaint, there are lots of activities in this New England state to keep a travel nurse busy. Antiquing is a popular pastime as is snowmobiling, skiing, horseback riding and walking on the beach. Best of all, nurses can enjoy fresh lobster straight from the ocean.

South Carolina Rich with heritage, South Carolina is a history buff’s dream. The state has numerous historical sites to explore including Civil War and American Revolution memorials and exhibits. When not learning about the role this southern state played in America’s history, nurses can golf at any of the 330 courses in the area. Beautifully landscaped gardens offer lush and fragrant places to take tea or adventurous nurses can go traipsing through some of the marshy wetlands. Just don’t track mud through any of the historical mansions.

California Next to Hawaii, California is another favorite among travel nurses. It’s easy to see why. The state has a little something for everyone. Movie and television lovers can head out to Hollywood to catch a glimpse of their favorite movie star. Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios and other theme parks are just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Fashionistas can take a stroll down Rodeo Drive and pick up the latest fashions or have a great meal at any of the hundreds of five-star restaurants. Whether nurses visit northern or southern California, they will not want for things to do.

Montana This state was made for lovers of the outdoors. Montana boasts wide open spaces that beg to be explored. Even city lovers will appreciate the slower pace and quietude that allows people to relax and hear themselves thinking for once. In the Big Sky Country, travel nurses can go on trips down the river, camping, fishing, skiing or hiking in the mountains, or simply explore the state’s many historical sites. With so much to do and see, it’s no wonder nurses return year after year.

Washington State The Pacific Northwest is a draw for many travel nurses, especially Washington State. Home of Microsoft, the Space Needle, and Starbucks, the Evergreen State is the place to be for laid-back fun. For those that don’t mind the rain, Washington has a wide assortment of parks, botanical gardens, museums, and the famous Pike’s Place Market. The state is a ferry ride away from Victoria and few hours’ drive from British Columbia for nurses interested in visiting our neighbors to the north.

Tennessee Nurses who relocate to Tennessee should put on their blue suede shoes and visit Elvis’ Graceland and other well-known Tennessee attractions like the Grand Ole Opry, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Jack Daniel’s distillery. Night life is always hopping in this state especially on Beale Street where talented musicians sing the blues all night. If Tennessee doesn’t hold enough interest, the state is located near a number of interstates and highways that will take the traveling nurse to any other state he or she wants to visit.

Arizona Whether you are a photographer, painter, or just love stunning landscapes, then Arizona is the state for you. Besides the Grand Canyon, Arizona has mountain ranges, grasslands, cactus forests, and rivers just waiting to be captured on film or canvas. Other things to do in Arizona include visiting Old West reformations, the numerous golf courses, resorts and spas, and the Native American nations.

Colorado If traveling nurses can only visit one place during the year, it should be Colorado. Well-known for its wonderful ski resorts, there are numerous other activities available for those that may not have the interest or skill to tackle the slopes. The state has tons of state and national parks, hiking and biking trails, mountain climbing, rivers for kayaking and canoeing, several ancient Native American sites, historical towns, and the Grand Junction. For nurses that prefer city life and activities, there is shopping, sports, and performing arts in cities like Boulder and Denver.

The possibilities are endless for nurses looking for fun and adventure. While traveling to different places is a perk of the profession, make the most of the experience and visit the thousands of unique cities and towns found in our fair nation.