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Top 10 Medical Bags for Home Healthcare Nurses

Posted by travel | September 17, 2012 | Travel Nursing Jobs

The job of a home health nurse requires a great deal of equipment. A home health nurse has to be prepared for a wide range of situations, including basic physical examinations, collecting samples, cleaning and bandaging wounds, replacing splints and providing necessary medications.

This means that home nurses need a bag that can hold everything they need, and not just hold all of the medical equipment and supplies, but keep everything organized and easy to find when needed.

#1: Modular Nurse Bag from

Modular Nurses Bag from

This modular nurses bag has been designed from the ground up with home health nurses in mind by The exterior of the bag is made of tough, medical grade nylon and is 100% waterproof and bedbug proof. The interior of the bag can be divided into multiple sections by the use of modular insert panels which are installed using plastic buckles and metal snaps. This means every user can custom design different pocket variations to configure the bag to their own specific needs. The walls and the insert panels of the bag are also padded with cell foam to provide rigidity and protect delicate tools and medications.

#2: Ultimate Nursing Bag from Nurse Mates

Ultimate Nurses Bag

This bag has a sturdy construction and multiple pockets, and also meets the needs of home health nurses very well, but it is a notch below the No. 1 choice in several areas, notably infection control and interior space design. These nurses bags are made of nylon, but are only water-resistant, not 100% waterproof, and most importantly are not bedbug-proof. This means home nurses with this type of bag can inadvertently spread bedbugs from the home of one client to another. (You can get it here)

#3: Deluxe Nurses Bag from

Delux Nurses Bag

Deluxe Nurses Bag – This classic nurses bag has been in use all across North America since 1985. These nurses bags are rugged and lightweight, with padded sides and special pockets for sharps containers and other equipment. Note that this bag is also not 100% waterproof or bedbug-proof. (You can get it here)

#4: EZ View Med Bag from HopKins

EZView Med Bag

EZ View Med Bag – The EZ View Med Bag is a briefcase style med bag for the home health care professional. The bag features 12 see-through, zippered pouches, including one for sharps and one for cell phones. This bag weighs around three and a half pounds. (You can get it here)

#5: 21st Century Plus Bag from HopKins

21st Century Plus Bag

This bag has three separate compartments and an internal zippered pouch, as well as an executive organizer feature. This nursing bag includes also has a one quart sharps pouch and an adjustable padded shoulder strap. This model comes in at 3.4 lbs. (You can get it here)

#6: Original Home Health Shoulder Bag from HopKins

Original Home Health Shoulder Bag

These popular nursing bags come with one fold down compartment and two zippered compartments, a lockable file folder pocket and two large end compartments to store frequently used items. This lightweight bag only weighs 1.85 lbs. (You can get it here)

#7: Padded Medical Bag from HopKins

Padded Medical Bag

This classic black padded home health care bag is a slightly more basic model, but still highly functional. It features a large main compartment (with three zippered sub-compartments) and a spacious front pouch. This ultralight weight waterproof polyester bag weighs 1.4 lbs. (You can get it here)

#8: Ultimate Nursing Tote Bag

Nurse Mates Sport Pink

This mid-size nursing tote bag is also designed to meet the needs of the home health care profession. These nurses bags feature multiple pockets and compartments, and are made of water-resistant fabric. They also come with heavy-duty zippers and seams, and a non-skid padded bottom. (You can get it here)

#9: Canvas Medical Bag

Medical Canvas Bag

This basic medical bag has a zippered main compartment with two outside snap pouches. It weighs only 1.2 lbs. (You can get it here)

#10: Pink Ribbon Ultimate Nursing Bag from Nurse Mates

Pink Ribbon Ultimate Nursing Bag

This nursing bag offers many features, but is a little pricey. It includes multiple compartments, heavy duty zippers, and a non-skid padded bottom. (You can get it here)