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Travel Nursing Contract

Posted by travel | September 26, 2012 | Travel Nursing Jobs

A travel nurse is basically an independent contractor who bounces around to different medical facilities to fill in where an extra pair of nursing hands is needed. Getting into the profession and finding jobs requires working with a travel nursing agency. Many nurses new to the industry have voiced concerns about signing a contract with an agency. Here is a list of things that should be addressed in a contract between you and the agency.

Guaranteed Assignments Travel nursing requires you to relocate to a new area for a period of time. When you uproot your life to move to another city or state, you want to make sure a job is there waiting for you. Occasionally, however, a travel nurse will arrive at a medical facility only to find out the position is no longer available. Make sure the contract has a clause that states the agency will pay you if this happens until they can find another position.

Guaranteed Hours and Pay Another thing that can go wrong is having the pay or hours be adjusted unexpectedly. A travel nurse will arrive at his or her assignment expecting one pay rate only to be told the wage promised is only for working a certain shift or floor. Additionally, since travel nurses are paid more than regular staff, they are usually the first ones sent home on slow days. To guard against these problems, make sure the contract guarantees the hours and pay you will receive for the assignment.

Pay There are two ways to get paid as a travel nurse: by the agency or by the facility. Most nurses prefer to receive their pay from the travel nursing agency because it is generally easier than setting up payment arrangements with individual medical facilities. Additionally, if there is a problem with the check, they know who to contact. The contract should state how you will be paid and who will be cutting the check. It is important to note that agencies typically only pay nurses when they receive payment from the facilities. In this case, the contract should note when you will receive your wages.

Additional Expenses Nurses may incur additional expenses while working on assignment. For example, they may be required to pay for parking. The contract should note who is responsible for paying for these work expenses, and if you are required to pay them whether you will be reimbursed. Any fees charged by the agency should also be noted in the contract.

These are just a few things that should be included in a travel nurse contract. It is critical that everything be written in a contract. While it is easy to come to a verbal agreement about matters, it can be difficult to enforce the verbal agreement should a problem arise. In addition to that, travel nursing agencies experience personnel changes all of the time. The person who made the verbal agreement made leave and you will be at the mercy of his or her replacement. Avoid problems by getting everything in writing.