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Types of Travel Nurse Housing

Posted by travel | October 28, 2012 | Travel Nursing Jobs

The ability to choose where you work is just one of the considerations you will have to make as a travel nurse. You will also have to choose where you are going to live, or you can choose to have someone else take care of the living situation for you. It is important to know the different type of living situations and how each one will have pros and cons. That way if you choose to take on the task of finding your own housing, you will know what to look for. If you choose to have someone else find your housing, at least you will know which questions to ask.

Private Housing for Free Most of the travel nurse agencies will offer private free housing, or at the very least shared housing. This is where they will basically set you up with something as far as housing that will more than meet your needs. It shouldn’t have that much of an affect on the take-home pay that you receive and is usually a small house or in most situations an apartment. The style and size of the living quarters is obviously going to vary. They are usually places that are close to your work assignment and that are in safe communities. This is a quick and efficient way to get your housing taken care of before you start your new assignment.

A Housing Stipend Another chose that you can make is to find your own living accommodations and then get a housing subsidy instead of having someone make your arrangements for you. The money that you would get for housing is of course going to be separate from the money that you make and any bonuses that you may get. The best thing about being able to have this option for housing is that you get to basically handpick where you live and get paid to live there.

A Concierge Housing Service Some travel nurse agencies are going to take the private housing option and basically combine it with the housing stipend option. Basically you get to still have the housing allowance that you want when you choose a housing stipend, and then you get to talk with a housing team or coordinator to help you find a living situation that fits the needs and wants that you have. They will then present you with a list of opportunities that fit your budget and criteria, and then you get to pick which one you want to move forward with. This is a great option if you are able to get it with your travel nurse agency and really makes things a lot easier.