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Who Makes a Good Travel Nurse?

Posted by travel | June 1, 2011 | Travel Nursing Jobs

Being a traveling nurse is a great gig, sure, but is it for everyone? Probably not. For one thing, there are requirements for becoming a travel nurse. Not to mention the fact that if you’re not too keen on moving around frequently, travel nursing probably isn’t going to be the best option for you, either. Let’s talk about who makes for a good candidate for becoming a travel nurse.

First of all, one of the main aspects of the travel nurse position is, well, travelling. Not many people like to uproot and move from place to place frequently and if that’s you, you may want to consider a different position. Travel nurses have to relocate quite often. Some assignments may have you working for a specific hospital for two or three months but there are cases where you will work for a hospital for as little as one month as well. Do you want to go through packing and unpacking all of your stuff every couple of months? Are you willing to commit to moving around as needed for your job? If you answered no to either of those questions you may not be suited for becoming a travel nurse.

Secondly, there are requirements for becoming a travel nurse that you may not yet adhere to. You must be a registered nurse, LPN, LVN or an Allied Health professional to apply for a travel nurse position. This is consistent with each and every travel nurse recruiting agency out there. Every travel nurse company has slightly different requirements but for the most part all of them require that you have at least 12 to 18 months experience in your nursing field as well. And all companies require that you be licensed in the state you are employed in. Some companies will reimburse you for any money you have to spend for becoming licensed but not all. If you do not have the necessary experience required you will be rejected from the program.

If you find that you fit the description of a good candidate then you may choose to pursue a position as a travel nurse. There are many travel nurse companies that you can choose to work with to get placed in a hospital of your choice. If you wish to work in a specific state you should contact the travel nursing agency to discuss it with them and find out if there are positions available for you. If so, you should proceed to sign on with a company. This process involves massive amounts of paperwork to be filled out including personal information, license and certification verification, assessments of your skills as a nurse in your specialty, verification of immunizations as well as several other things. While you only need to complete this paperwork once, it can make for a load of work.

Once you have signed on with a company they will being searching temporary positions to match you with. You will be allowed to select one and sign a short term contract and begin working as soon as possible. So, if you feel you can deal with everything mentioned and are still interested, get out there and apply to be a travel nurse.